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Sunday, December 2, 2012



What is this foreign sensation of being busy??

Monday nobody was at work so I spent another lazy day at home drawing a picture and fixing some things up around the house – just another start to a typical week.

On Tuesday someone (aka the only person who shows up) mentioned that we should maybe start planning for AIDS day. I asked when that was, to which he casually responded: this week. I asked what exactly we need to plan, to which he responded with a slew of activities/ events/ projects. So in the course of 3 days we: pulled together the funds; made and coordinated our program with the hospital, government, and education system; purchased the materials for a march around the town with candles, painting the trees in town, a running contest, a soccer contest, a jeopardy contest, and a lunch for 100 people; wrote a speech for the whole town; planned a HIV/AIDS training for the whole town; made banners; among other seemingly impossible feats.

This wouldn’t have been nearly as difficult if our president who usually runs the show wasn’t sick in hospital, if our second in command wasn’t also sick and barely available, if our main supervisor wasn’t busy this week giving vaccines with the hospital around the district, and if 2 of our other supervisors didn’t have young children with malaria. Not to mention that conveniently the focal person in the government is sick at home, the focal person in the education department is also sick at home, and hey! it’s the week-of and unsurprisingly the hospital and education department also are just planning their programs alongside us. SO! Basically it’s the last possible minute and nothing is planned – welcome to Mozambique J

For the past few days me and my organization’s accountant (seeing as we are the only healthy and sick-children-free individuals) ran around our entire district pulling all of these loose strings together. Between attending a funeral for the half the day on Wednesday morning for one of our supervisors, spending all Thursday afternoon in the hospital with a supervisor and her young child with a high fever and malaria, and visiting our organization’s president every evening in a hospital a few towns away… Also managed to squeeze in a meeting with a private business that’s interested in donating food to our OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children) – pretty excited about that possibility. Needless to say, we’ve had our hands full this week.

I’d forgotten what it feels like to actually be busy!! It’s awesome, and I’ve taken the liberty of all these things falling on my organization’s plate to let me full OCD planning beast out on them by making excel sheets and to-do lists galore! I swear, next year I’m forcing all the chefes of this town to sit down together a month in advance to discuss the programs for this event because there are way too many individual actors for this event to happen successfully  when nobody talks with one another.

I’ll try to attach photos of the events from this week J
 sleepy and sore Emily

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